【FGO】もしもサーヴァント達がみんなヤンデレになったら?に対するマスター達の反応集【Fateくらぶ Fate作品の反応集】






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Fate/Grand Order Arcade Event Introduces Beast Servant (Siliconera)
The Arcade collaboration event in Fate/Grand Order will feature the first
playable Beast Servant, Sodom’s Beast/Draco.

Rabbit’s Reviews #355: Larva / Tiamat (5* Alter Ego) | Fate Grand Order Wiki (GamePress)
In anticipation of the Arcade collab, we get a Servant slightly early! It’s
been ages since Tiamat originally debuted as an enemy in FGO’s…

新角色丑炸,FGO在拉低手游的下限?_游戏_网友_玩家 (搜狐)
于是标题中说法就出现了,就有人觉得在FGO的这个立绘是拉低了手游立绘的下限。 有网友说,觉得他漫画画的也不难看,咋画游戏立绘就这么拉了?

Fate Grand Order: Best 5-Star Servants In The Game (Game Rant)
5-star servants are some of the most useful characters in Fate/Grand Order.
Assuming players are lucky enough to get one, who is the best…

双重上市的B站,需要的不是下一个FGO (36氪)
因游戏画面有违网络健康和公序良俗而需要整改的情况,在国内游戏圈可以说是稀松平常了。 自上线以来就经过多次内容修改《 命运-冠位指定》(…

Everything You Need To Know About Combat In Fate/Grand Order (TheGamer)
Hit the ground running with these tips and tricks for mastering Fate/Grand
Order’s combat.

FGO STUDIO ARTISTS TAKE A FINAL BOW FOR 2022-23 SEASON (Miami’s Community Newspapers)
The 2022-23 FGO Studio Artists take their final bow with a farewell concert
featuring a mini-season preview alongside best-loved arias and…

Rabbit’s Reviews #356: Draco (5* Beast) | Fate Grand Order Wiki (GamePress)
For the first time in nearly two years, we have a new playable Servant
class—but unlike the past few, this is one we’ve actually seen in the…

《FGO》布伦希尔德Lancer职阶手办病娇悲剧女武神_装饰_约合_纹理 (搜狐)

Fate/Grand Order Getting Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom Event (Siliconera)
The Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom event, which will give a free
Mysterious Idol X Alter, will run on the global FGO server.


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